A Few Downsides Of My Strict Veganism

Veganism is awesome in terms of health, and I freely promote it as a dietary choice, despite no longer being a vegan myself. But there were many things I disliked when I was a strict vegan that you can decide for yourself if it is worth the jump or not:

It Takes A Lot Of Conscious Effort To Be A Healthy Vegan

Counting calories, checking nutrition facts, checking ingredient lists, making sure you are getting enough Calcium, Protein, Amino Acids, Vitamin D, etc, etc. You have to buy certain foods, and cannot just eat on a dime. I had to make sure I ate a lot of Lentils and Beans, and would sometimes force myself to eat just to meet certain vitamin and mineral values.

I would freak out if I was getting close to 2000 calories in a day, and it really didn’t leave much room for snacking. I could not just eat some Oreos unless I was going to cut back on a meal.

Being Vegan Doesn’t Automatically Mean You Are Healthy

A lot of effort has to go into being a healthy vegan, like I mentioned before. But just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you are healthy, and you can also be healthy without being vegan. I mentioned this in a post I wrote before on this very topic, you can be a junkfood vegan, or even a plant-based whole-food vegan, and still be unhealthy. In fact, a video on this very topic was made by Vegan YouTuber UnnaturalVegan.

Eating a ton of bananas, potatoes, and lentils doesn’t automatically mean you are meeting all of your nutrient needs. You need to stay on your “A game” as a vegan, or you risk vitamin deficiencies.

Eating Out Was A Nightmare!

If I was going out to eat with some relatives, they had to make sure that wherever they ate accommodated MY dietary choices. Since very few places have vegan options, I felt bad whenever someone wanted to eat out, but had to shut down so many choices simply because of MY diet.

And that is not including the fact that most of the time, vegan menu options that DID exist was devoid of protein, and thus unsatiating.

Vegan Grocery Options Are Expensive!

Being someone who has the least amount of money to spend on groceries, unless I just ate a lot of beans or Pasta, I could not afford many of the products that would make veganism taste better, like Boca veggie Burgers, especially their Chik Patties, which my husband adores and can eat a whole box of in one sitting… a whole 4 dollar box.

Since vegan cheese and meats are so rare, there are no generic brands of them in any of my grocery stores, so unless they are having a sale, I often have to pay full price, and often at the more expensive grocery store, which means I have to decide on getting a ton of groceries for me and my non-vegan husband, or splurge on Boca for a day or two.

So Much Hate By Fellow Vegans/Tons Of PseudoScience

Unless you support a VERY specific viewpoint in terms of veganism, you will receive hate by fellow vegans. Vegan for health? Well, according to many vegans you’re just not as good a vegan as they are. Not extremist enough? Then you are not REALLY a vegan! You can’t eat sugar because of Bone Char, or Cheerios because of trace amount of possibly Lanolin derived Vitamin D3! And god forbid that you debate the ethics of Honey, or Oysters

And let’s not forget all of the unproven claims and pseudoscience by veganism, such as Raw Food diets, or Fruititarian, claims that ALL animal products are bad for you, or the lie that cheese is addictive.


I had a lot of stress and stuff to deal with elsewhere, so I stopped veganism for that reason, to make sure I was able to relax more and not freak out all of the time on that, along with several other things. Healthy Veganism is awesome to do if you have the time and motivation, unless you just plan on eating Oreos and Chips, in which case be as unhealthy as you desire.

That said, as I am writing this my stress levels are starting to go down, and I am attempting to go full vegetarian again. I am going mainly for plant-based foods first because of other issues I am facing right now, but I will try to be Lacto-vegetarian again by next month.

There are issues when it comes to being vegan, but I think that it is worth it if you have the time and energy to deal with it all.


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