Cheap Lemonade Recipe and How I got Free Toothpaste!

LemonadeThe lemonade is a recipe that I use to get cheap limeade for near free. I went to my local Kroger awhile back and bought 2 big bottles of Lime Juice for a dollar each. Each bottle can make gallons upon gallons of Limeade, and I have been able to make at LEAST 4 gallons of limeade from a single 15 oz bottle of lime juice. So a single cup is basically free because it costs so little to make.

I do put Splenda in it, which my store brand Apriva is 2.00 for 100, or 2 cents a packet. So for me, each cup of limeade is about 6-8 cents. Less because I get a lot of Splenda from my local Taco Bell. Very simple recipe, and allows you to save tons of money every year on drinks, especially if you buy soda canned.

But that’s not the only thing that I got for basically free. Kroger, and Food4Less to be precise, is having a dead on Crest Toothpaste, which you can buy then 10 for 10. Combined with this is a Ecoupon from at least MY Food4Less in Chicago, for which you can get the same toothpaste for 1.00 off. This makes the toothpaste FREE… except for taxes. The taxes on stuff like Toothpaste is enormous, at 7 cents per dollar, but hey, I only paid 14 cents total for TWO 4.6 oz tubes of crest toothpaste.


Tomorrow I have a 2 week grocery haul for only about 30-40 dollars. Using deals, discounts, and coupons, I wish to save about 50% on my entire grocery bill, which would otherwise be 70-80 dollars. I still have 2 loaves of bread from when I bought them last month because I bought them for 50 cents on discount and then froze them. Anything that I can do to shrink the grocery bill.

Spending near-nothing on groceries is easy if you can do it right.


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