Quaker Breakfast Flats Review


I was able to get 2 boxes of these for FREE at my local Food4Less/Kroger thanks to their Free Friday deal they have going on. If you live near a Kroger or Food4Less or any of their affiliated companies, definitly look into this. I have 2 different rewards cards, so whenever they have a FREE deal, I am able to indulge in twice the number of benefits and game the system. Granted, both cards belong to two different people in my household, so they both don’t belong to me.

They taste pretty OK. I got the Banana Honey and the Raisin Cinnamon kind, I much prefer the Banana Honey, but that might just be cause I am not a huge fan of cinnamon. I would not spend any money out of pocket to get these if I had the choice.

These are not all that filling, each pack comes in a set of 3 flats. They are crispy, and due to the fact that you are more likely than not going to eat more than one pack, high in calories. A single packet has about 180 Calories, 12 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein. You can get much better nutrition from a half cup of another Quaker product which you can get more for your money for: Oatmeal. In fact, for cheap, you can make your own Oatmeal bars.

To make for a pretty good deal, however, is that these bars are Vegan. It’s hard enough to find good vegan foods, let alone good FREE vegan foods. But if you missed this deal, which was only available to load from the Kroger rewards card on 5/27/2016, no need to worry, every Friday is a new Freebie!


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