No Ma'am, I Don't Know If The Cheese Is Made From Animal Rennet


I get comments like this often enough from people who really don’t help the Vegetarian (proper spelling of that word, btw) movement. I would not mind this comment if it wasn’t so condescending in tone. I am not trying to hide the fact that McDonalds fries are made with beef flavoring, I simply never knew. I heard from many vegans that McDonalds fries are vegan, so I guess it was my fault for taking them on their word instead of trying to find a particular ingredients list about that.

All of the information I get about my Eating Vegetarian At series comes from information that I am able to get from reliable sources, which tend to be Ingredient Lists and Menus. Such things don’t tell me how the cheese or whatnot was made, and much of the time they don’t even tell me what kind of oil they use. I had to go to the stores themselves and ask the managers what kind of oil they use for their foods. Other than that, and the picture I got to prove the one for Rally’s, there was NO evidence online by the company or anything else but a single mention on a web forum to show what kind of oil they use. So I try to be as accurate as I possibly can in regards to whether these foods are vegan or not.

Asking me if the cheese is made from Animal Rennet is like asking me if the meat they use is Grass Fed when it’s not mentioned anywhere. I have contacted companies before to ask them for information about certain products, much of the time I never get a reply.

And on the accusation that I don’t mention that fast food companies don’t have vegan fries, that is an utter lie. Anyone who has read more than a single post of mine knows that I have called out Rally’s, Popeyes, and Arby’s for using beef tallow or lard in the production of their fried foods, anyone here can check for themselves by looking at my Eating Vegetarian At posts for each of those three restaurants.

The main part of this post is to tell everyone that I am sorry if I make a mistake. Point it out to me and provide a source. I am only human, so of course I am going to miss certain aspects or get something wrong. No need to be passive-aggressive about it as if I am hiding something. And also, if you are going to point out that food item A or B or whatnot has beef flavoring, or lard, or whatnot in it, please provide a source. I will not change any of the information I have written without a reliable source.

I appreciate all of the discussion on this site. I have received a ton of great messages, and as I said, if I have said anything incorrect, tell me and provide a source.


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