Dear Readers

Dear Readers…

I love writing on this site, and plan to continue doing so. I also plan on expanding my posts to also include other scientific topics, including biology, astronomy, geology, and the like. I write on here in my spare time, and due to having a lot to do I don’t have a ton of time to spend continually writing on here full time, but I do wish to upload more frequently, and apologize that I have not done so before.

One of the main issues I have been having is the fact that this blog might not make it into 2017. Ad revenue is meant to help this site grow, but as of right now, almost no revenue is being generated. I also started making videos of some posts to put on YouTube, hoping that the video revenue will also help the site grow. So far I have not gotten much from that either.

This site is only run by a single person, and lately I have been having finacial troubles. Which is only going to get worse as time goes on, including having to pay a lot for insurance, as well as having to pay back student loans, on top of all the other things I already have to pay for, so as I said before, this site might not be able to exist next year.

So I do ask, if you want to help this site grow, to consider giving a small tip, which you can do using Patreon. The basic necessities of the site costs me a little over 200 dollars a year out of pocket, and as of right now, about 30% of that is paid via ads and Patreon.

I want to continue to grow this site, and make it interesting through my Eating Vegetarian At series, Eating Healthy At series, and other posts and editorials about many different topics, from health to veganism. I also want to give research-laden articles about scientific topics and to fight the evergrowing desire for clickbait articles, kinda like how IFLS went in their desire for popularity.

Dispelling myths and debating politics is a passion of mine, and this blog reaches about 1000 people a month according to my view count, and that is only growing. So if you desire to help out, it will be much appreciated. I am sorry for asking this, as I despise requesting assistance, but I promise it won’t be in vain!


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