My Eating Healthy At Series: Coming Soon!

Welcome to my new series, based off of my previous series Eating Vegetarian At, where I showcased menu options from various fast food restaurants that were vegetarian or vegan in nature. In this series I am simply showing healthy food options, regardless of whether or not they are vegetarian. As I have mentioned before, Vegetarian =/= Healthy, at least not automatically.

How would I decide if a food is “healthy” or not? Well, I would be taking a wider analysis of this by bringing many factors into account. But in order for a food to be included on my list, it must:

  • Not be made out of beef, pork, or any other form of red meat, lean or otherwise
  • Has to have a good nutrient balance for the caloric content
  • Cannot be fried at all, even less so if it is in lard of beef tallow
  • Little to no cheese if possible
  • Egg whites are OK, but egg yolks are not
  • Too much sugar is a no no

I am excluding beef and pork because of the WHO study that found that red meat is correlated with a higher risk of colorectal cancer. Cheese is excluded in higher amounts due to the large amount of saturated fat that it has. Egg yolks also have a large amount of saturated fat, so none of them either.

I would like people to read this list of foods and take their health into consideration. I hear many people claim that eating healthy at fast food is hard because salads are expensive and burgers are cheap, not only is that complete bull, but I want to show people that there is a wide array of healthier food options to choose from, and many of them are pretty cheap.

No more excuses

So I hope that you all enjoy this series!


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