Parmesan Cheese May Not Have Any Parmesan At All!

Parmesan cheese was one of my biggest go to foods to pour on top of a nice warm bowl of pasta! Now I am glad that I stopped eating it altogether.

After being tipped by an anonymous source, the FDA ran some tests into Parmesan cheese to see their composition. In this investigation, they found that “100% Parmesan Cheese” is anything but. Many contained up to 10% wood pulp, and this isn’t the first time this was discovered.

Castle Cheese was visited by the FDA in 2012, and they found that the Parmesan Manufacturer not only used a ton of wood pulp far beyond legal limits, but they opted for cheaper alternatives, such as cheddar cheese, instead of actual Parmesan. And this won’t be the last either, because just recently, Walmart was sued for their mislabeling of “100% Parmesan cheese”.

Now wood pulp inside of Parmesan cheese is not new, and it is not deadly. In fact, it is a common and widely used anti-aking agent that has been approved for use by the FDA, but only in smaller quantities of about 2-4% of the total product weight, not 8-10% like what many Parm cheeses has been shown to have. Adding a larger percentage of filler is a way that many companies are able to save money through the manufacturing process, and the issue isn’t with the fact that it contained pulp, but that the companies lied about it.

Investigations are being done by Jewel-osco and other companies into the claim, but this isn’t the first time a food-related safety issue was placed within the past year alone. Ground beef sold in the US was shown to contain evidence of fecal contamination, including various strains of bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Despite all of this, Parmesan is indeed safe to consume, but it would be best if we ditched dairy altogether due to the high levels of Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. Or just grind up actual wood pulp, that might taste good as well. If you really want to stop Parmesan after this, here is a good Vegan parm recipe that tastes pretty good


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