Vegan Butcher, Black Bean Burgers, And Vegan Discrimination

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome more news has come forward in regards to vegan foods and news, and due to the amount of news and my lacking time, I can’t possibly make a post about every little thing that happens, so I decided to make another post consolidating some of them here:

Vegan Butcher Opens, Causes Outrage

A business entitled The Herbivorous Butcher opened up a store where the owner sells fresh slices of a variety vegan meats and cheese substitutes. Business started booming ever since the first day, but many people did not like the idea of the term “butcher” being used in any other context but “animal flesh slicer,” making one of the many times that people get up in arms over Semantics, not realizing that every single word they are using has not always retained the same meaning.

Wendy’s Launches Black Bean Burger Commercial!

This will hopefully result in Wendy’s black bean burger being better promoted nationwide, instead of in just a few states, but Wendy’s launched a quirky commercial advertising their meatless burger. I so want to try out this burger, so hurry up Wendy’s!

Veganism has Legal Rights? Why?

Ontario Canada ruled that Veganism is a right that should be free from discrimination. But what discrimination? This just means that vegan students who object to dissection no longer are forced to do so, and hospitals cannot deny to give you vegan food options if requested, among a few other things, which is pretty cool!

Vitamin D Advertisement Gets Egg On Face

“We All Need The D” and “How Do You Do The D?” are just a few of the many advertisements placed online to try to get people aware of Vitamin D Deficiency. Little do they know that “The D” is slang for the penis, and as a result they took down the adverts, but not before the campaign was a success.

I will bring more news as I find it, maybe about once every 2 weeks or more, depending on my schedule and the like!


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