Veggie burgers, Ranchers, and Avocado Ice Cream! Oh my!

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Wendy’s Now Serving Veggie Burger in Select Locations

None of them are near me, sadly, but 24 Wendy’s locations in Utah, Orlando, and South Carolina have started selling black bean burgers. If the sale of these burgers go well, Wendy’s will be shipping the vegetarian/vegan burger option nationwide!

PETA Gives Ranchers Vegan Jerky

Ranchers and Oregon decided to take it upon themselves to steal land currently occupied by Native Americans. PETA took it upon themselves to side mainly with the ranchers who asked for food rations, although they also gave vegan chili to Native American populations as well. The ranchers loved the jerky, and said it tasted like Salmon.

Avocado Ice Cream

A non-dairy Avocado Ice Cream is being released and sold by the company Cado. To be honest, I personally think an Avocado flavored ice cream would probably taste nasty, but there is a lot of support for their vegan ice cream flavor.

Meat and Dairy Alternative Market Expected to Reach 25 Billion By 2020

two separate reports looked at the sales growth of meat substitutes like TVP, Tofu, Tempeh, and meatless products like Gardein and Boca, and dairy substitutes from Daiya to Soy and Almond milks. Meat substitutes were expected to rise to 5 billion dollars by 2020, while milk replacements are expected to rise by 19.5 billion.

Daiya Bringing Back Original Recipe

Daiya changed their recipe not too long ago, but many of their fans did not like the texture change. So as a result, Daiya will be changing back their recipe to a more chewy consistency, as opposed to the current one, that many critics claim to be too mushy.


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