Are You Going Plant-Based For The New Year?

Veganism seems a bit split over the issue of Veganism being a new years resolution. I personally think that the resolution is entirely up to the person making it.

But from meat-eater to vegan in a few days will leave even the most driven of men to tears. It’s best to take it slow, because veganism is a HUGE dietary and lifestyle change. I am not going to hold back, veganism means that one should exclude meat, dairy, fish, eggs, gelatin, poultry, and the like from their diet. As well as not buying any product that contains animal products, including beeswax, fur, wool, or leather.

Because of this, MANY products become instantly unusable. A LOT of food becomes inedible. Even food that one might think is OK becomes a battleground, such as margarine, coffee creamer, refried beans (some are cooked in lard), tortillas (some have milk ingredients in them), supplements (many contain gelatin), and even Pasta Sauce.

Being vegan means that you will have to cook a lot of your food, because fast food places don’t sell many (or any) vegan menu options. When shopping for food ingredients you will probably have to look at every single ingredients list to make sure that it does not contain animal derivatives. It also means that many awesome food options like vegan Boca burgers, good Gardein products, TVP, Nutritional Yeast, etc, are near impossible to find, or only exist in health-food stores miles from your house.

And veganism means that in order to be healthy and avoid nutrient deficiencies, you will have to eat a lot of whole foodslike lentils, beans, greens, broccoli, etc. Food logs and registering nutritional information is almost a MUST for vegans.

Yes, veganism has good as well. If done right veganism ensures a much more healthy body. It is high in fruits and vegetables, and is low in calories, which decreases BMI. It lowers your chances for many diseases, and is ethical because it doesn’t hurt almost any animals in the process.

Veganism is an awesome lifestyle change, but it isn’t going to be easy. Just minor changes will help, even if you don’t go full vegan, such as cutting back on meat and eating more vegetables, Meatless Mondays is AWESOME! You can try weekday veganism, or simply go plant-based or lacto-ovo vegetarian. Even a little bit helps both our health, and the lives of animals, in the long-run.

Whether you are doing it for the animals, for the environment, or for your health, it is a good thing to strive towards in the new year!


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