Food Review: TVP

TVP, also known as Textured Vegetable Protein, is simply granules of soy beans. Many stores have them, but I personally have only been able to find the stuff at my local health food store. A 2 pound package of this will last quite awhile, and I bought mine for like, 7 dollars? Maybe less? I don’t quite remember as I lost the receipt.

TVP has no flavor, so you can literally combine it with anything. Adding it with a liquid makes the otherwise tough dry crunchy material into a soft material. It is also extremely filling as well, so be wary in how much you plan on eating. It makes a pretty good meat-alternative as well, although I usually just go to Gardein or Boca for my veggie crumble.  It is best combined in soups or the like, I personally like to add it in with some cereal, just for a boost of extra protein and vitamins.

Which brings me to my next observation: TVP is FULL of good stuff! A single half-cup serving of these granules has only 150 Calories, but 78% of Copper, 50% of Magnesium and Phosphorus, 35% of Folate, 33% of Zinc, 7 grams of Fiber, and a whopping 24 grams of protein!

I often eat this as a great way to get extra Protein and Zinc in my diet as a vegan, which is good because some days it is really hard to get an adequate amount of Zinc, especially now that I am eating tons more fruit, which I have to cut down a little on. You can buy a 10 oz bag of TVP from BobsRedMill for just 2.99, although the shipping is pretty expensive. It is better if you buy it in store, such as in a Whole Foods, or a Strack Van Til.

I definitely recommend this product for anyone who want a healthy and easy addition to soups or cereals.


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