Is There A Case Against Unnatural Vegan?

Unnatural Vegan is a vegan YouTuber that says a few things that other vegans personally don’t like, and she often calls out vegans for being wrong or bad for vegan advocacy, and for this, she has received a pretty bad rep.

I quite enjoy Unnatural Vegan’s videos, she puts a rather educational spin on things without reporting to all that emotional drivel in order to get her information out there. She mentions studies and information, even if it conflicts with her own diet. So as I result I personally find her trustworthy enough, but what are the arguments against her as a Vegan YouTuber?

I often hear that she is a meat and dairy industry shill, but is there any evidence of this? If there is, I have yet to see it. She has made videos talking bad about eggs, the consumption of unethical honey, the consumption of meat (and always has been), and the consumption of milk, a really odd thing for someone who is a dairy/meat industry shill to do.

I also hear that she is not really a vegan? She posts “What I Ate Today” videos dating back two years, taste test videos for vegan food products, and Nutritionally Complete and other vegan recipes. Really odd thing for someone who isn’t a vegan to do.

I also find that many people seem to hate her for… not sticking to a single stance? She alters her opinion based on the evidence, for instance, she once said that meat does not cause cancer, but simply increases the risk, as a response to Furious Pete being attacked for developing cancer. So instead of being appaled at the popular YouTube vegans attacking a cancer victim, they decide to attack Unnatural Vegan for Semantics.

She also made a video showing that many vegan diets are low in many vitamins and minerals, and many low in several protein amino acids, including Lysine. Of course, being faced with criticism, many vegans went on the offensive, and attacked her for mentioning that many vegans have a diet low in many vitamins and minerals.

The biggest argument that I hear against her is that she focuses more on criticizing vegans more than she criticizes meat-eaters. Now this is true, although she has been known to criticize anti-vegan articles before, she does indeed criticize a lot of vegans more than she criticizes non-vegans. But bear in mind that her channel does indeed focus on myths and pseudoscience in veganism, as well as Vegan Advocacy, which does not focus too much on people who are NOT vegan. Besides, if you want people to critique nothing but non-vegans and ignore issues in Veganism, follow almost any other vegan on YouTube!

She has indeed changed over time, she used to be raw, now she is not raw. She used to be fruit-based, now she is not. She does mention a few things that I personally don’t agree with, but a few minor disagreements wouldn’t have me dislike her. As a vegan myself, I appreciate a lot of what she does for veganism, and compared to many other vegans who are a bit off their handle (Vegan Gains, Freelee) she is a much more down to earth person. And yo be honest, that is what veganism needs, more down to earth people.

What are your thoughts about her?


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