Coke, Schwarzenegger, Closing Restaurants, and Boycotts!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstead of trying to squeeze a post for all 4 of these news articles desperately, I decided that I will add them all under one post.

A Group That Was Funded By Coke Is Disbanding

Remember that group that claimed that the consumption of sugary beverages has its place in a healthy diet? You know, the one that Coca-cola paid to say that sugary drinks were not the issue, exercise was! Well, just a few months after being discovered as a fraud company, they are going belly-up.  The group claims to be leaving due to “limited resources,” but since we all know who is paying the company, we know that’s a load of horse manure.

Students Boycott Unhealthy School Lunches, PETA Helps!

Students at Theodore Roosevelt High School are calling for a Chicago city-wide boycott of unhealthy school lunches. The site associated with the boycott shows evidence of the school lunches being stale, frozen, rotten, or meat patties with blue plastic inside of them. The company that serves the school is the same one that serves the neighboring prison system, and the prison system STILL gets better options, according to the site. The boycott in question will be heald on the 17th of December, and has peaked on the 7th with over 539 of the 1100 student school participating in the boycott.

Granola was donated to the school and handed out during the boycott, and even PETA stepped in to offer a free vegan meal to the protesters. Many students had meetings with Chicago Public School officials and members of the school lunch company to help make the food better, even allowing some students to be taste testers for new products.

Karyn’s Raw Vegan Restaurant Might Be Going Under

Karyn’s Raw is one of the longest standing raw vegan restaurants in Chicago, but it might be coming to a close. Due to a fire back in 2012 which destroyed the entire restaurant, Karyn had to rebuild from the ashes. But due to this, her flagship restaurant has not been able to thrive like before. Two of her other Chicago stores were already closed down due to financial issues, and now the owner needs 300,000 dollars to stay afloat, because apparently 12 dollar green smoothies don’t net enough.

As a result of this, a GoFundMe account was created to raise that 300 grand, as of right now, only a little over 6000 dollars was raised for this cause. So 300,000 might not be coming in the near future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Vegetarianism?

Not for ethical or health reasons, but for environmental reasons, Arnold states that even reducing the consumption of meat by even a couple days a week can have beneficial effects on the climate. He also admits that there are many body-builders that get their protein from vegetable sources and they are also healthy and strong during an interview in Paris talking about the environmental impacts of Climate Change. So Arnold Schwarzenegger backs vegetarian diets, and even backs Meatless Mondays.

That is all the news I have for now, I will try to make some more combined news posts more often, or try to get more articles up one by one in terms of news.


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