My First Vegan Run

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y first run ever, to be honest, but this is more important to me because I started it after I became vegan. I did this run on the 6th of December, but have been busy with my job and other things and could not get to writing too much the last few days, sorry…

runI never wanted to run ever in my life, mainly because I was a pretty big woman, about 220 pounds, and no muscles to make up for that. So I looked HUGE! As a result, I never really wanted to go outside to do any form of exercise besides the occasional walk because I knew that my flab would jiggle and people would scoff. So as a result, I held off on the outdoor exercise. Now that I am losing all this weight as a vegetarian, that fear is sliding away, and I decided that now is about the best time to try out some newer forms of exercising.

Now I wish I could say that due to my veganism I had more energy during my run, and ran very well… not exactly. My first run ever was pretty much on par with anyone else’s first run ever: I was panting, sweating, cramp on my side, and felt like a dunce, ad had to stop every 20 seconds to catch my breath because despite being able to walk 4 miles a day with no issue, running for 1 mile is a chore.

I was able to make it past my first mile at 12:46. So not going to Boston anytime soon.

I chose running (jogging really) as an exercise because I like it, odd as that may be with all the dying I did during my first run. It is also a great cardio workout that will help me in endurance. Otherwise, I’m just doing a bunch of heavy lifting, sit ups, leg lifts, with very little real cardio apart from a little bit of walking here and there. Ad I think it is good to be able to do a lot of exercise and be more toned as a vegan, because it shocks people more than anything else. Also, you can help to break the stereotype of the stick-skinny vegan, while doing something that is very healthy for you.

I am not a doctor or a fitness anything, but if I was to be asked my favorite types of workouts, I would say walking, running, squats, sit ups, and lunges would take the top of my list.


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