HodgeTwins Go Vegetarian?

I am going to say this right here: I have never watched the HodgeTwins. Not because their videos are bad or anything, I just never found them interesting as a YouTube channel. For those of you who don’t know, the Hodge Twins are a pair of twins who make videos on YouTube under one of four YouTube channels, which altogether have over three MILLION subscribers, and a combined total of over 500 million views.

Gotta envy men who's pecs are larger than my boobs.
Gotta envy men whose pecs are bigger than my boobs.

So, what about the HodgeTwins? Well, recently, about 2 weeks ago, they posted a video about leaked footage of pigs being slaughtered during factory farming, which probably influenced the video they made a week later mentioning that they went Pescaterian 7 days prior. Recent videos they posted showed they they then went full vegetarian, and implications show that they might be going vegan.

This is awesome, because such a huge YouTube following, as well as a social media following of over 500,000 subscribers on Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook combined, does good to bring people over to Vegetarianism, or even simply a plant-based diet. Even PETA showed their support! Not that that means much, because PETA is kinda hypocritical extremists. The main issue I see is because they adopted the diet so quickly, in a matter of a couple weeks, and due to their high influence of fitness, if they will be able to sustain the diet for long.

That is not to say that athlete’s and body builders can’t be vegetarian/vegan, they certainly can! But since they went into Veganism so quickly, and for ethical reasons, this might just cause an overbearing effect, which would cause them, like many other vegans, to revert back to their old diets. Especially since the HodgeTwins are so used to eating fast food. I am hoping this is not the case, however.

The rise of plant-based eating is doing pretty well, as seen in an old post that I made on the topic, but maybe highly popular fitness personalities like this going plant-based would finally get the ball rolling to increase the percentage of vegetarians and vegans, which have remained stagnant despite the increase in meat-free alternatives, and might even help to reduce the stigma against men who are vegetarian/vegan.


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