Food Review: Gardein Meatless Meatballs

I honestly don’t know why I never tried these sooner, to be honest. Gardein is known to make some pretty good foods, including their Crispy Tenders and their Beefless Ground, so I decided to try another vegan product made by them: Gardein Meatless Meatballs .

I personally did not get a picture of the product before I ate them all, but this picture I found online is a good representation of how the product looks while still frozen.

I tried them the way most people would try them: on Spaghetti. My first thought when seeing these is that they could easily have been smaller. Each meatball is like, an inch and a half in diameter, which is HUGE! And definitly is shown when eaten with Angle Hair pasta. The texture was actually pretty good, and reminded me of a meaty texture, and did have the spicy texture you would expect from sausage.

But like most vegan food items, from my experience, the first bite is always off. The first bite always tastes a little gamey, and then the remainder of the dish is perfectly fine. The taste after the first bite is pretty meaty, and is good enough for me to continue eating it as a good source of protein.

And speaking of protein, each serving, which is about 3 of these monstrosities, have 15 grams of protein in them, which is about 5 grams of protein per meatball! Each serving is also only 150 Calories, has 20% iron, 7 grams of fat, and 4 grams of Fiber. So in terms of nutrition, this is actually a pretty healthy meat substitute.

In terms of price, it is a bit expensive, meat substitutes and cheese substitutes and the like tend to be much more expensive then their animal-based cousins. This product I bought from my local Strack Van Til for 3.79, granted they were on sale for 60 cents off, but almost 4 dollars is a pretty high price for 12 meatballs.

Altogether I like this product, and will definitely buy it again, despite it’s high price.


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