Well, I Finally Did It! I Went Vegan!

Just a picture of me
Just a picture of me, I actually lost a pound or two since this was taken a little over a week ago ^_^

I decided to go Vegan! Granted, this is about a week late, I started my Vegan diet on the 27th of November, 2015, because there was no way I was going to go full vegan a few days before Thanksgiving. In this post I am simply going to answer some questions about my switch from eating a Typical American Diet, to a full on Vegan diet.

Q: Why did you decide to go Vegan and how was the process?

A: I actually tried at one point in time when I was in high school to go vegetarian, but due to lack of funding and support, that ended in about a week.

The next time I decided to try going vegetarian was actually after my Boyfriend said that HE wanted to try it out. So, since he wanted to try it, I was going to as well! He never tried it, but the idea stuck with me, and in April of 2015, I started drastically lowering my intake of meat. It took about a month before I stopped eating all meat altogether.

I then drifted off of eggs because they never really tasted good, and I rarely ever ate honey, and for about… 4 months I was a Lacto-Vegetarian. Due to wanting to be healthy, I started lowering my consumption of dairy-based products, replacing liquid milk with soymilk, and trying to lower my consumption of cheese.

It was not until about Monday, the 23rd of November that I decided I wanted to go all the way. I did not go through it all immediately because I still had a stash of cheese and I was not going to have all that go to waste. I also wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving dinner, that way it’d be easier on me.

Now I have been Vegan for about 4 days and I like it so far.

Q: Is it expensive to be vegan/vegetarian?

Like I said, I have been Vegetarian for a long time, and actually spent more money as a meat eater than I do now as a vegetarian. But that was mainly because I ate a lot more as well, do once I became vegetarian, I ate less, and as a result, spent less money. But to be honest, a thrifty Carnist and a thrift Vegan should spend about the same amount of money on food, there is no reason that eating vegan should be more expensive unless you shop at WholeFoods or whatnot

Q: Where do you shop for food?

A: Regular grocery stores. There is no reason for me to shop often at any health food store, likw Whole Foods, although I do go there to get specific items, like vegan cheese or Nutritional yeast, but aside from that, most of my shopping is done at my local Kroger, or Ultrafoods.

Q: What foods do you eat if you don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs?

A: Bagels, Peanut Butter, Bananas, Soymilk, Cashew Milk, pretzels, hummus, crackers, salads, vegan food items such as vegan cheese and faux-meats, melon, vegetables, lentil soup, and the like.

Some of my favorite dishes include lentil soup, pretzels with peanut butter, chocolate cashew milk, and homemade tortilla pizza. That way you can be vegan without sacrificing taste. Just the other day I had a plate of Angelhair pasta, regular pasta sauce, and vegan meatballs by Gardein.

Q: Why are you so critical of vegans if you are one?

I am critical of BAD vegans, but veganism as a whole is a healthy diet, and even a pretty nifty ideology.  My issue, is that many vegans tend to go full extremist when it comes to veganism, and that horrible behavior might be why while plant-based eating is on the rise, veganism is stagnate.

If we were able to not be extremist, yelling, lying, vitriol spewing jackasses most of the time, I am sure many people would consider going vegetarian, or even vegan.

If you have any other questions for me, ask them on my Twitter or Tumblr blog, links are in the sidebar.


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