10 Awesome Vegan Foods I Adore!

As a Lacto-vegetarian who is striving to be Vegan, there are many times that I have a vegan foods that are either obviously vegan, or are simply… vegan. I never knew so many items were vegan until after I became vegetarian and started looking. Here is just a short list of just a few vegan products that I adore!

  1. Wheat Thins!!!

I love the hell out of Wheat Thins, especially the Sundried Tomato and Basil version, although right now I usually eat them with cheese, I am sure I can find a dip replacement. Either some hummus, or tomato, or something.

2. Chocolate Soymilk

Not healthy in the long run, but it’s chocolate milk! Soymilk is also much healthier for you than regular milk, especially if it is fortified. Soymilk has less Saturated Fat, and overall Calories, which is good if you desire to maintain a healthy weight. You can also just buy regular soymilk and add some Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

3. Bar-B-Q Sauce

0002700038442-500x500I never knew Barbecue Sauce was Vegan until after I looked at the ingredients. This is actually a good thing because I put this on like, all of my sandwiches. In fact, most Barbecue flavored potato chips are also Vegan. Also, if you want something else to put on your sandwiches, Manwich Sloppy Joe sauce is also vegan.

4. Peanut Butter

Many people would just automatically assume that Peanut Butter is Vegan, but to be honest, sometimes it’s not. Peanut butter I have seen has been known to also contain Honey! So if you are careful, peanut butter on whole wheat toast can be a wonderful breakfast food, especially if topped with banana slices.

5. Hummus

I never knew I liked hummus, because to be honest, I don’t like chikpeas very much. But hummus on some of those Sundried Tomato Wheat Thins taste wonderful!

6. Fat Free Italian Dressing

I love to add this to some tomatoes and romaine lettuce due to this being low in calories. I used to adore Ranch Dressing, but I decided to just stop eating it altogether due to the high amount of Calories, Saturated fat, etc, that is inside of Ranch. Italian dressing gives my salads a good

7. Bagels

This makes me happy, not only because I can enjoy some bagels with jam, oil spread, or peanut butter with chocolate syrup in it, but I can also put some typical Pasta or Pizza Sauce on top, add some veggie toppings, and bake them to make Pizza Bagels! You can even put some Cashew cheese or Daiya on top, but I never had either of those.

8. Life and Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

k2-_6a7a3da5-bd72-4018-bf58-63f07f73d8ac.v1I love both of these cereals, although I barely eat any cereal at all due to the fact that they are usually packed with tons of added sugars. But at least I now know that I have tons of options to add with soymilk or cashew milk. Raisin Bran is also vegan as well, even though somewhere I heard that they have a small amount of D3 considered to be animal derived, but like PETA says, don’t worry about highly small trace amounts.

9. Taco Bell Bean Burrito (Order without cheese)

Taco Bell, especially lately, has been very pro-vegetarian lately, which makes me proud to have worked there. There are many items you can order from the menu that are already vegan, like the Black Beans and Rice, or Chips and Guac, or you can can simply exclude non-vegan foods, such as replacing beef with beans, or saying “no cheese.” Fairly simple. Or better yet, any food that has cheese or sour cream just order Fresco Style.

10. French Fries

McDonalds, Five Guys, Burger King, most fast food places, if nothing else, have vegan fries. I mean, there are indeed exceptions to this rule, like Checkers and their fries being fried in beef tallow. But if nothing else, you can go to just about any fast food restaurant and get vegan fries. Not healthy at all though…

Honorable Mention: Chef Ernesto

Simply because I forgot to add this here before writing and publishing this, Chef Ernesto is a brand that sells Vegan veggie burgers and Samosa, you can find these at your local Dollar Tree, and for the price you get quite a lot of taste, albeit not much nutrition.


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