Beyond Chicken Grilled Strips Review

chickenBeyond Chicken is a product that I heard about from a Vegan who goes by UnnaturalVegan on YouTube. She did a food review of these vegan chicken strip substitutes, which she claims that she doesn’t like them because the taste is “too chickeny.” Well, she’s not wrong, they DO taste a LOT like chicken!

The thing is, they seem a bit too compact to feel exactly like chicken. I ate a few strips by sauteing them, but you can also microwave them as well, although that is not recommended because sauteing tastes better. They are strongly, however, and they do taste a LOT like chicken. although I won’t deny that they are a bit beany in taste. I tried the Grilled Strips.

tumblr_nxvp4kQlDR1ul3ycmo2_1280These are textured using soy protein, and are 100% Vegan. A lot of vegetables go into making these strips, but they have a very low vitamin content, such as 15% iron and only 6% calcium. It might have other vitamins, but they are not listed on the Nutrition Facts.

And speaking of Nutrition, each bag comes with 3 servings, and each serving is about 6 strips, which are fairly large for the calories they have. Each serving is 120 Calories, but only 3 grams of fat. They also have 20 grams of protein per serving, which is a lot of protein per calorie. They even contain 2 grams of fiber, which helps you to feel full for longer.

tumblr_nxvp4kQlDR1ul3ycmo3_1280They are not even marketed towards vegans, they are marketed towards “carnivores”. The meat-lovers out there who want to be able to go vegan without losing touch with foods that they crave.

They are not cheap, at least they were not where I got them from. I have a healthfood store next to me that sells them, in which the total of a single 9 ounce bag of Beyond Chicken there is a whopping $6.09 if you include taxes. I believe they sell this at certain targets and Walmart as well, so who knows how much they are there.

For the price I definitely would have wanted a better product, so I am not going to be buying this very often, but they are healthy, and tastes good, so I would definitely try them out.

Note: They do not taste good in soup, but do taste excellent with a little bit of sauce! I tried dipping them in BBQ, and they tasted wonderful!


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