New Vegan Startup Helps People Cook Vegan Meals

Mark Bittman is a columnist for the New York Times, a writer, and now the co-founder of a vegan startup company known as The Purple Carrot.

The Purple Carrot started in 2014 and works like a typical box service, kinda like The Produce Box and Vegan Cuts, that ships ingredients for single meals directly to your door. With this service you can get 2 meals a week fit for a family of 4, or 3 meals a week fit for a couple. The menu differs per week, so you are bound to get new vegan food ingredients shipped straight to your door.

One meal they are selling: A black bean burger with sweet potato fries.
One meal they are selling: A black bean burger with sweet potato fries.

The main part of The Purple Carrot is that it teaches you how to cook vegan foods yourselves. They ship you the ingredients, and a recipe, and all you have to do is follow it to create delicious vegan meal options. This way it teaches you how easy it is to make delicious, nutritious, vegan meals at home.

Bittman said in so many words, that the reason he left the New York Times was opportunistic:

“Could there be a better week to form a company specializing in vegan meals? As everyone knows, the World Health Organization last week labeled processed meat a carcinogen and said red meat was probably dangerous as well. Not news, exactly, but a further confirmation that plant-based diets are where it’s at.”

And there is nothing wrong with that, the WHO claims meat is carcinogenic in a huge report, and then not long after is World Vegan Day, so why not relaunch a company dedicated to the sale of vegan food? It’s a great opportunity!

Bittman believes he is doing well by offering healthy choices, but in my opinion it would be better, and cheaper, for consumers to just go to the store and purchase low-priced healthy foods themselves. They are going to have to go to the store anyways, as nobody can live off these boxed meals alone. I do think that it can be used for good, but I believe that most buyers of this product are already vegetarian/vegan, and it won’t do too much to help that many people who are already carnists.


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