White Castle Veggie Slider Review

I finally decided to go out of my way to try out the all new White Castle Veggie Slider, which I had with ranch dressing, so it was no longer Vegan. But the plain, or Sweet Thai sauce for them are both Vegan, so there’s that.

Now before I say much else, this is a very junky food. It may be made with vegetables, and broccoli based, but it is very junky. One single slider is complete with 270 Calories, 160 from fat, and 2 grams of saturated fat. Plain, it is only 150 Calories per slider, so a little better, but still junky.

It has a decent amount of vitamins as well, such as 24% Vitamin A and 11% Vitamin C. But despite having vitamins, it is still a product high in calories if you get it in ranch. If you are going to eat it at all, get it plain or with the Sweet Thai sauce. That way the calories are reduced by half, and the the fat content is decreased as well. The sliders are also low in protein, 5 grams per slider, so you might have to pick up your protein content for the day elsewhere in order to get your DRV.

The Slider itself is very savory, and the fact that it is broccoli-based is a plus in my books. If I could find those patties at my local grocery I would definitely buy them. The patties are filled with chunks of vegetables, such as peppers and peas. The bread is soft and compliments the patty as well, and it really doesn’t help that the whole thing is vegan… unless you get it in ranch like I did.

It is really cheap as well, right now going for 99 cents per slider. So you can easily buy a lot of these for cheap. And that is why you have to be careful, it is really easy and cheap to eat a bunch of these for a very little bit of money.

I had 2 sliders, which quickly added up to 540 calories and 36 grams of fat. Not very healthy in terms of the ranch version. But the flavor is fantastic if you don’t mind the taste of broccoli.


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