A Quick Talk About My "Eating Vegetarian At" Series

I have a series which I started doing in July called Eating Vegetarian At, which has me research the menu’s of NUMBEROUS fast food places, and discover what is vegetarian and what is not. I do want to expand on this and add in which items are vegan as well. My most popular in the series is about the gas station food place Sheetz, which has 219 views as of writing this article.  This is followed far behind by Checkers/Rally’s with 33 views. But altogether this series has been doing well.

I have posted about 10 fast food places so far, and a lost of which ones are on the sidebar. But that is not the reason I am writing this post.

As someone who adores nutrition and health science, I don’t want this series to give off the impression that Fast Food vegetarian options are magically healthy. Deep fried onion rings, fried potatoes, pizza, and yes, veggie burgers, are often not healthy choices at all. They are healthyER than their meat substitutes, but they are still deep fried, smothered with cheese or oil, or placed on white bread, in which none of them are healthy and have high amounts of saturated fats and added sugars. Which can cause obesity, which is a risk factor of Type 2 Diabetes and a multitude of other health issues.

So eating take-out or fast food is usually unhealthy, and you will find VERY few exceptions to that rule. Besides, maybe, side salads and Italian dressing. That said, IF you are going to go out and eat at a fast food resturant, there IS some healthiER fast food choices out there, such as a Bean Burrito from Taco Bell or a Veggie Sandwich from Five Guys. But you have to be careful.

Just one meal at a fast food restaurant can completely ruin your nutrition for the day. Either having the food be high in calories, or loaded with fat or added sugars, or have little to no real nutritional value at all, INCLUDING most vegetarian food options. And that is OK every now and then as long as you do well on other days, but it is REALLY east, as I have found out personally, to overconsume on even vegetarian junk foods.

So while I will still be posting about fast food resturants and their vegetarian options, I will try to also talk about healthy vegetarian choices you can make at home or buy from the store in other posts. I will try to balance out this site so that most of the food posts I am talking about is not just about junky foods. So look forward to those!

But yeah, I don’t want to advocate unhealthy eating, even if it is vegetarian. Moderation is ALWAYS key!


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