Testing Veggie Cheeses

Ok, Veggie and Vegan cheese are one thing that I have never had a good relationship with. I have tried many of them, just to have them taste awful. So I am going to review some cheeses now that are either Vegan, or made with primarily soy and other ingredients but still have small amounts of some milk products. So here is a review of a few that I have bought at my neighborhood Strack Van Til and tried out recently:

  • Go Veggie! Mozzarella Cheese Slices

Now this cheese is not all that good.  But it is edible if you eat it alongside a sandwich. But to be honest, no matter the flavor you get, it all tastes like processed cheese product. Each slice is only 40 calories, has 3 grams of protein, which is less than 1% protein per calorie. It is also created with Casein and a small amount of milk. So it is not a vegan product, but it uses far less milk than regular cheese.

  • Go Veggie Vegan Cream Cheese

I love cream cheese, and bought this to try to see if I can use it as a substitute for it. Sadly, it does not in any way taste like cheese. It does, however, taste like margarine. That is not a BAD taste, but it is not cream cheese flavored. Each 2 tablespoon serving is 80 calories, which is 90% fat, and only comes with 4% calcium and 1 gram of protein, which is very low in protein compared to regular cream cheese.

  • Shred-Mate Ched-o-Mate imitation Cheddar Cheese

Now about this cheese, it’s very creamy and grainy, and not in a good way. If you mix it in with other stuff, it will taste OK, but by itself it really doesn’t. It does melt though, but it is not stringy. It also tastes pretty dry. It was fairly cheap though, at a dollar and thirty cents per 6 oz bag. It does contain Whey, however, but is mostly soybean oil. It’s 90 calories per 1/4 cup or 28 gram serving, and has 5 grams of fat, and less than a single gram of protein. It does contain 20% of your Daily Recommended Value of Calcium, which is good enough, but it’s still very junky.

  • Shred-Mate Pizza Imitation Mozzarella Cheese

Like Ched-o-Mate, this cheese tastes more grainly and melty, and not in a good way. Like I said, it tastes better ON something, but it is still a food I would not buy if I had the choice. It also has a exact same nutritional value and everything else as Ched-o-Mate.


I tried to look for Daiya while I was there, but could not find anything from that brand in the store, despite the Daiya website telling me that it is sold there. Maybe as a Mac N Cheese or Pizza or something, but not as a cheese.

But this is why I still eat cheese and milk on occasion. I am a Lacto-vegetarian, and the main reason for that is because there are no good dairy substitutes. I am trying to cut back on my dairy intake for health reasons mainly, and have found soymilk, which tastes good enough, but it is harder due to the fact that cheese tastes good and cheese alternatives… don’t.

Eating less dairy is good both for health reasons, and for ethical reasons, but it’s going to be hard if we don’t have good cheese replacements.


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