Reviewing Vegetarian Meat-less Meat Products, Pt 1

This was my first veggie burger that I ate and loved when I first became vegetarian. t’s pretty OK, you can pop the patty into the microwave and it will be done in minutes. I liked the vegetables seen inside the patty, even the mushooms, which I am not a huge fan of. I did not like the inclusion of Water Chestnuts though. But as a veggie burger, it is pretty good.

I like this patty MUCH more than the Garden veggie patty, as it tastes more like it belongs on a sandwich. I usually cook it on the stovetop with some canola oil, spices, and a slice of provolone or Mozzarella cheese.

I was actually shocked when I tried this one just earlier today. I microwaved a link and placed it on a slice of 100% whole wheat bread with some mustard and ketchup, and the texture, taste, and look of the link is very similar to that of a real hotdog. I had to recheck the package to make sure I was not actually eating a real hot dog. The smell of this and other veggie products can really use some work though, it often does not smell all that appetizing. But it is a wonderful substitute to hotdogs. They are more expensive though, almost 4$ as compared to a dollar a pack of cheap hotdogs.

This veggie bacon does not entirely look like a real bacon strip. But once cooked right, it does taste a lot like bacon. And if included on a veggie burger, you might not even be able to tell the difference. I would really like to see more vegetarian restaurants that includes things like veggie bacon on a veggie cheeseburger.

Eh, I did not like these too much. They are edible, but in reality, the texture is not realistic enough to sausage. There is better veggie sausage out there.

To be honest, I am a little disappointed in this product. I expected it to taste more like meat, but the texture is more like that of Mechanically Separated Chicken, and the taste does not all resemble beef. It does taste OK in spagetti, but like I said, I am disappoint.

These are my favorite things to make sandwiches with. I add avocado, mustard, lettuce, tomato, bar-be-q sauce, etc. Tastes wonderful. I usually cook it on the stove with some Mrs Dash and some Onion Powder and add some Provoline cheese on top towards the end so it gets all melty. Definitely recommend this!

I tried this, and the first time I was honestly shocked by how much they taste like real chicken. I had my boyfriend and his roomate about them, and they are now a new house favorite. Just try them with ketchup or BBQ sauce, and it’s a wonderful substitution. They are about the same price as well.

This was OK, like most Gardein products, you literally have to cook this product on the stove or oven in order to eat it. It does taste a lot like Orange Chicken, but my boyfriend, who is a big fan of Orange Chicken, did not find it appealing.

I tried these when I visited my BF’s mother, and they taste pretty good. Not exactly like chicken, but close. The breaded part makes it taste kinda oily, which in my opinion increases the flavor greatly. I will definitely eat this again. I ate some leftovers on a sandwich with avocado and BBQ sauce, and it tasted wonderful. I recommend this.


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