What I Ate Today 10/3/2015 (vegetarian)?

I generally find stuff like this to be boring and outright useless, but I think the same way about top 10 lists and various other kinds of posts, so…. why the hell not?

I am trying to be healthy, and as a result I try to limit my added sugar intake. So when I drink soda and non-water fluids (which is all the fricken time, because ew gross water), I stick to diet soda, sparkling water, and splenda-sweetened tea/coffee…. and sometimes soymilk. Today was not one of those healthy days.

  • To start off I had a medium banana and 3 servings of Pizza flavored Pringles,
  • For lunch I had 2 Taco Bell bean burritos, and a cup of Soymilk.
  • Later on, just now, I had a Romaine Lettuce salad with tomatoes, carrots, avocado, bell peppers, and fat-free Italian dressing.
  • And before I go to bed by 12-1 AM, I plan on eating a peanut butter, Nutella, and Banana sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread.

That puts me at 2099 calories for the day, 61 grams of protein, almost all amino acids met, and only slightly deficient in a few vitamins and minerals.

My typical day does not usually look like this, however, as fast food/junkfood is not a daily occurrence for me.

I am trying to incorporate a cup of soymilk in my diet each day in order to my daily allowance of Vitamin D and B12. Although idk why I worry that much, as before I went Vegetarian, I was deficient in tons of vitamins and minerals due to a lack of eating that many vegetables and fruits, now I eat them far more often, so I am only slightly deficient in a few vitamins.

One thing I noticed when I went vegetarian, is that I can now eat more food for less calories, depending on what i eat. As a result, I don’t eat that much anymore. I used to eat over 3000 calories a day worth of a lot of random junk, now I eat roughly 2000 calories a day, sometimes less, because it is hard to overeat on salads, veggie burgers, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and even sauteed vegetables. Now I eat more food, with less calories, for more nutritional value. in fact, I sometimes undereat, because I am no longer hungry, causing even more worry about vitamin deficiency.

I also need to incorporate more exercise into my diet as well, I do sit ups and stretching every day, but that’s about it. I do work in fast food, so when I work, I am always on my feet. And I usually walk to and from work, which is not a far walk, but it’s something.

What did you eat today?


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