Jaclyn Glenn Caught Plagiarizing?

Now I would not care too much if she was caught plagiarizing a single video, as everyone has stolen content on one time in their lives and quoted verbatim without quotes, but Jaclyn Glenn is a famous YouTuber with over 360,000 subscribers. So to me, she should not submit to acts of plagiarism in order to release content simply because she is having a slow writing day.

The news broke a few days ago when Jaclyn Glenn copied almost word for word from atheist Theoretical Bullshit in her video about Kim Davis, a well known figure seen as a martyr because she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay people. This was publicly available information that she could have researched and got information on from a wide variety of sources to make an original post. She didn’t. In fact, she justified her plagarism after she removed the video, and has yet to issue an apology for doing so.

and not only that, but she has been doing it to her commenters for quite awhile now. Here she is in 2013 in a video about the government shutdown, taking a Facebook comment by one of her followers and literally hackneying it and using it like it is her own original content. In the same video she uses content from yet another person as well, making at LEAST 3 instances of Plagiarism.

And she goes further. She takes words even from Pew Research, an established and credible survey group, and does not use anything to suggest that she is using content literally cut and pasted from other people.

In her Big Bang = Evidence For God? video posted in March of 2014, she literally lifted the words of a Tweet verbatim. And in a Facebook rant she posted in July of 2014, she lifted the entire thing from a YouTube comment, all without quotations to sources to the originals she stole from. That makes at LEAST 6 instances of plagarism, plus more being found out daily.

I like Jaclyn, and follow her channel intently. But this annoys me mainly because she earns a living off of her YouTube channel. She has mentioned in other videos that her YouTube is her sole source of income, and how she pays her bills. She should not be earning a living as a breadwinner off of bloodmoney. Off of other peoples work. And as an Atheist, she should have the morals to know that.

It annoys me more because I barely make a dime a week from my writings and content, and I have been writing for YEARS! This is not OK behavior. I will continue to add more instances of her plagarism here as I see it.

ADDENDUM: Is there anyone Glenn DIDN’T plagiarize? Does she have ANY original works? As of writing this article, I find out that she plagiarized Scott Lemieux for her Hobby Lobby video,  she copied and slightly altered the wording of atheist Matt Dillahunty in her Video “7 Myths About Atheists.” Even after this she also plagiarizes Richard Dawkins,

As a result of all of this coming out, she appears to be losing Patreon Funds and subscribers. She is down almost 200 dollars from just a week ago, and even DP is down money after having her on their podcast defending her. And this is not just a downword trend, as Thunderf00t and other YouTubers are still seeing increases.


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