Vegan Chocolate

>I actually wrote this post for my other site, but am moving some posts here to keep this blog filled with good content.

I found this site earlier today, and based on what I have heard and read about it I definitely recommend it. Well, kinda, I personally recommend NO sweets because too much sugar causes weight gain, which is a factor in diabetes and heart disease, but hey, if you are going to eat any sweets, try it out.

I personally have not eaten anything on it yet, but have heard good things about it. I personally might not buy from it too often because I am really not a huge consumer of sweets, and am trying to lower my added sugar intake.

But there is a Vegan store online called Premium Chocolatiers that makes milk-chocolate tasting chocolate without the use of dairy or eggs, and most of their stuff is Nut-Free. And for the most part their chocolate is pretty cheap. 6 chocolate bar combo pack is only 13 dollars, a 5 pack of single flavor is 11 dollars. The biggest costs comes from shipping, which is about 7$ if you live in the US, and 4 dollars extra for heat protection to make sure the chocolate does not melt in transit. So it is probably better to buy all this chocolate and candy in bulk.

They sell chocolate bars of many different flavors, peanut butter cups, their own version of M&M’s, Chocolate covered pretzels, and candy specific for different holidays, including peppermint bark candy bars and chocolate figures on a stick. Here is some pictures from the website:

chocolate 2chocolate 3


I think it is really cool website with some yummy looking treats, and is a good idea either if you are vegan, or if you are lactose intolerant or have a nut allergy. Just know that you don’t have to be Vegan or even vegetarian to enjoy vegan foods. And we all need some chocolate from time to time.

Enjoy ^_^


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