Cron-O-Meter: Good, Bad, and Nifty

I just learned about Cron-O-Meter, or, about a week or two ago. And thus far, I like it.

Cron-O-Meter is a nifty nutrition tool that adds up what you have eaten in a day, and tells you everything from the typical caloric, fat, carb, and protein intake, to telling you what vitimins you ate, what percentage of recommended daily intake you consumed, and even all the different types of protein you eat, from Cystine to Valine.

This program also helps you determine if you are eating enough B-12, Omega Fatty Acids, and even Minerals. It’s very in-depth, so it is really helpful for anyone who is on a vegetarian or a vegan diet, who wants to know if they are eating a complete nutritious diet.

It does have some issues though. If you want to insert anything prepackaged or canned, or really anything that isn’t raw foods, they won’t list any nutrition composition besides what is listed on the package. So if I eat a can of peaches, I often just say I ate a raw peach. There are slight differences, but it is more accurate as a whole.

It helped me a lot as a vegetarian because I found out how much I am failing at proper nutrition intake. It also showed me some very awesome stuff, such as:

Eating only half a head of Romaine Lettuce gives you a full days supply of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and Folate. A fair amount of Fiber, and Manganese, and also gives you a small amount of every single protein known to man:


This may not seem like much, but just remember, this is just half a head of romaine lettuce, that won’t be all you eat.

This program is really helpful either for people on a diet, or for people just wanting to know if they are eating enough nutrients on a daily basis, and I have seen it portrayed as a godsend for Vegans and Vegetarians who are often worried and hounded about their nutrient intake by other people.

Sign up for this site is free and you can use it as you see fit. You can upgrade if you desire, but I don’t know what more the upgrades give you, and besides, for most people, this is awesome as it is. So check out when you got the chance.


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