What The Hell Is Intersectional Veganism?

Intersectionality is the combining of otherwise barely related issues. For example, Intersectional Feminism focuses on women’s rights, Intersectionality goes further, focusing mainly on Black Women’s Rights. Although it’s not always that simple, For example, this exists for some reason.


It’s basically Movement +. It’s Veganism + AntiCapitalism, or Feminism + Racism, or whatever. And in almost ALL of these cases, the crosses are rarely well connected, and often supported by fake advocacy research other than real legitimate study. Such as the Wage Gap being expounded, because blacks and hispanics make less than white women. Despite evidence from the CONSAD proving the 77 cents per dollar wage gap wrong due to important factors, such as work time, career choice, and promotions, etc.

In this example, I will talk about Intersectional Veganism based off of everything I have heard about it to date.

Intersectional Veganism was made to fight White Supremacy in the Vegan Movement…

….White Supremacy… in Veganism.

What they are TRYING to say in this point is that whites, on average, make up the vast majority of vegans, and other minorities are not properly represented because reasons. The main reason mentioned is that veganism is expensive, and black communities are too poor to afford vegan food.

Which is odd, claiming they are the same people pushing these posters around:


Now I know that Veganism promotes richer people instead of the poor. Blacks are also more likely than other races to live in Poverty. And Poverty filled places are less likely to have stores that can give out proper nutrition to vegans, such as “Dollar” stores, gas stations, and fast food restaurants. I get that. I know people who are poor usually can’t afford to go Vegan, and to be honest it is not the only thing on their minds, and I don’t blame them for not being vegetarian or vegan.

I grew up in poverty. I went days without eating food myself, and a lot of the food we DID get were donations from churches and food banks. So I know that many people simply can’t afford to reject meat, especially if they have kids they have to provide for.

But that’s not a movement, and certainly isn’t a black-only issue. Less than 1%, 0.5% to be exact, of all Americans identify as Vegan. 3.2% follow a vegetarian diet. Vegetarianism receives harsh criticism as it is for being a movement filled with crazies and pseudoscience, masking veganism as a cure-all for everything, and a fail-proof preventative of all cancers.

Most rich people are not vegan either, according to studies vegetarians tend to be just as represented in a socio-economic status as meat eaters. Even today, despite being vegetarian, I still only make about 15,000$ a year.

Veganism is the fight for animal liberation, it has nothing to do with whether or not poor people are able to become vegan, although that is exactly what Veganism is trying to accomplish anyways. Organizations like Vegfam and FoodForLife try to help poorer communities by donating vegan foods.

The last thing we really need to do is trivialize animal suffering and the fight for animal liberation by trying to make veganism into a race issue. As not only is claiming that Veganism is rife with White Supremacy wrong, but it is also highly Americentric.

It ignores the fact that Brazil, India, and Asia have huge vegetarian cultures, much larger than the one here in the US

It’s hard enough to be a vegetarian with the crazies, the stigma, and all that. But it is even harder to be a vegetarian when you are going to call everyone who doesn’t focus mostly on the socio-economic relationships of vegetarianism to blacks in poverty. Poverty is indeed an issue to many people wanting to be vegetarian or vegan, I personally wanted to be a vegetarian in high school but could not because I could not afford vegetarian meals and my family could not afford to buy separate food items just for me.

Let’s not branch Vegetarianism apart and try to make everything into a race war. Veganism is about alleviating animal suffering and fighting for animal liberation. That’s the main part of Veganism. Deal with it



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