Eating Vegetarian At: Burger King

Screenshot_1Burger King is not a bad place to go to in order to eat a good vegetarian dinner. It could be better, but in terms of customer base, it is trying, so I have to commend them for that. Most of the customers at burger King are definitely not vegetarian, so as long as they have some options available, it’s OK with me. Eating at burger places will probably be hard for vegetarians anyways, because burger restaurants specialize in burgers. Shocker.

I go to Burger King every now and then for their Veggie Burger and lately I have been getting a lot of their side salads, which is mainly just lettuce and cheese, but I digress. But what else does Burger King have that is edible for Vegetarians? Well:

  • Apple Slices
  • Side Salad
  • Onion Rings
  • Fries
  • and the Veggie Burger

They also have deserts: like soft serve ice cream, cakes, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, cookies, etc. And for breakfast they have the Egg and Cheese croissant, french toast sticks, pancakes, hashbrowns, and oatmeal (even a type with fruit on top). So although it is not a huge selection, there is a decent sized selection. And I believe you can substitute the meat patty on any of the other burgers with the veggie patty, although I will be transparent to the fact that I never tried to do that.

The veggie patty is pretty decent, I would not say it is the best veggie burger I have tasted, but it is not bad. It’s from Morning Star, and I believe it is the same Morning Star Garden patty that I buy from the grocery store. Still, it is a lot more than they have at McDonalds, which is a fast food store I laid into for their lack of vegetarian options.


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