Over 400 Cities Globally Protesting Monsanto


This kind of protest shows me just how widespread lies and fearmongering can get. Protesters conducting 452 protest rallies from all over the world are protesting against Agricultural business Monsanto in what is called the March Against Monsanto. This happened on May 23rd and is the third annual March Against Monsanto

The arguments against Monsanto can be much better, and not just the same issues that “Organic” and “Vegan” antiGMO “natural foods” sites continuously lie out their teeth about. There is very little evidence thus far linking GMO crops to widespread issues, and it seems like every single time a slight environmental burp happens next to a GM cornfield anti-GMO activists are quick to jump on GMO’s and blame them for everything without proper evidence to back up their claims. Like the poor people who suffer from Autism, everything is said to be causing it. Vaccines are said to cause autism, milk causes it, now GMO causes it. What doesn’t cause autism nowadays? Even COUCHES are thought to cause autism.

Everything causes CANCER too! That’s basically all that this rally was, unsupported claims by scared uneducated pussies from all around the world. “GMO’s Kill People!” “GMO’s cause Tumors!” “Putting patents on seeds means we’ll pateint humans next!!!” “GMO’s prevent me from binge eating Fritos!

Let’s not forget that unless GMO’s produce a toxin in large quantities, the stomach acid dissolves plant and animal DNA and a minor alteration in that will not harm humans. Because the human body does not incorporate what we eat into our DNA. Sunlight, however, can degrade DNA, and that’s exactly what these people are getting.

This is not the only reason i am annoyed, another reason why I am annoyed comes from protestors like @BeingAFoodie, who decided to indoctrinate their children into believing what this douche believes. Even IF what he is protesting against was accurate, (it isn’t) you should not indoctrinate your children or even use them in YOUR political battles! It pisses me off when Christians and Feminists do this shit too! That child does not understand jack shit about GMO’s or the science or politics behind their effects.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js And when I called them out on this, this is the response I received:


I am quite positive, because your 5-7 year old daughter did the research and reviewed the studies with an open mind and simply came to the same conclusion as you, right? Wrong.

But you know that anti-GMO fear mongers will take this rally to mean that the whole world is rallying against monsanto, and not just small pockets of people marching on the same day because they were lied to. Besides, many of these people are not fighting health issues, the idea of Monsanto being horrible is often a guise because they are against the government. They believe the government to be corrupt, and believe that they know more than experts in their own line of work. It’s a shame movement to be against GMO’s because Natural News or whatnot said something bad about them.

You have a brain, I trust that you will put it to good use.


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