The Health At Every Size Movement

Standing is great, but walking is better for you
Standing is great, but walking is better for you

I used to be a part of the Health At Every Size movement, also known as HAES. I was a part of it for a few months, simply as an onlooker. I read a book called The Obesity Myth by Paul Campos, and locked onto every word it said. A funny thing about things like this, is that people inside are very likely to already make a conclusion before researching any evidence for it. Which is what I did, as someone who heard about The Obesity Epidemic from various blogs and books.

One of the blogs I liked very much was a blog called Junkfood Science. This blog has some decent ideas in some cases, but it’s main focus is trying to dispel the “Obesity Epidemic” as a “Myth” and even claim that being fat is downright healthy for you. Other science bloggers have called her out on repeatedly trying to claim that there is a false epidemic and that scientists are in on the conspiracy.

This is another reason why I dislike the HAES movement, many obese people have tried to lose weight time and time again, and failed. They feel trapped in a corner with nowhere to turn. As a result many do indeed try to justify their obesity, by denying the mountains of evidence and experts that unanimously agree that being obese causes or are related to health issues such as strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes.

Now I am 100% against mocking and degrading people for their body weight. Being an asshole to groups of people for no reason is something I don’t support. But being fat is NOT healthy. I am not saying, as a 220 pound woman myself, that losing weight is an easy process that everyone can do. Some people simply don’t have the willpower to lose the weight, or do to conditions like Binge Eating Disorder have have an extremely hard time fighting the urge to overeat. I dislike it when people act as if losing weight is something that is extremely simple just because THEY find it easy to do. Mathematicians find calculus to be as easy as Pi, but many of us have issues with simple multi-step equations. And that is OK, some people are meant for mathematics, and some people are not, the same with weight.

HOWEVER that is not an excuse to eat unhealthy foods or lie to yourself to believe that being obese is healthy for you, as it is not. And that brings to me my next point.

BEING FAT IS NOT AN OPPRESSED STATUS! No group has ever been mass murdered for being fat. No group has had any rights revoked from them due to body weight alone. You can still marry, you can still vote, you can still run for office, and you even have representation in congress. The worst you can say is that toilet stalls and plane seats are too small, and that’s an issue between you and a company. But NOOOO! These people honestly believe they are SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. Being judged for being fat is morally repugnant, but that does not make you second class. It never will. SorryNotSorry.

Trust me, I know being fat is crap, I hate my body, and have been mocked and ridiculed my whole life for my body weight. I am still Borderline Obese and suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. I have remained the same weight for 2 years at 220 despite being an active person. But I am not a fucking victim! Stop claiming that fat people are victims, it’s degrading!

beach-body-readyAlso, it’s OK for a company that promotes health and fitness to make an advertisement promoting health, fitness, and weight loss. Which is what happened when Protein World put up an ad in subways that said “Are you Beach Body Ready?” featuring a thin woman. HAES individuals, which seem to work closely with a group called Social Justice Warriors, got into a hissy, vandalizing poster after poster, and sending the company threats of violence. The company still refuses to remove the ad, and good for them. I wish more companies would refuse to cater to a bunch of crybabies.

why are there “underweight” models in ads? BECAUSE IT WORKS! There is a beauty standard in society, I agree, but it is biologically based for the most part. Nobody has ever been coerced by society to be physically attracted to obese people. Skinny and fit women and men are sexy, which is why YOU more likely than not find thinner, muscular guys attractive. There is a REASON the guy in this commercial is sexy, for instance. But I didn’t see a HAES backlash against “Body Shaming” in THAT video.

Julie Borowski made a video in where she talked about the hypocrisy of the HAES movement, which is something I saw time and time again during my time in the movement. All it is, is a whole bunch of fat people in online message forums whining about how they are oppressed and that “Thin Privilege” exists. One story I remember is about a woman who claimed she went to the circus and saw a poster that had a scary-looking fat woman in it. She claimed that the poster caused her extreme emotional distress, and that she was even crying while typing her post. That is basically the jist of the HAES movement. Oh, they also sign petitions, and bitch about advertising. They seem to only care about Body Positivity (something they claim to be all for) if it is for fat people, skinny people are degraded to high heaven.

I am ALL for body positivity and accepting yourself for who you are, but I can’t accept the HAES movement because of how harmful it is. And also how stupid it is being by claiming victim status when they are too fat to fit on a plane.

What do you think of this?


4 thoughts on “The Health At Every Size Movement

  1. I love this! You’re so right that calling fat people ‘victims’ is degrading. You can choose to remain a victim or try to do something.

    About your binge eating, do you need any help? Have you sought help for this? Is there something which triggers the binge eating? It seems to be the reason you can’t shift the weight. If this habit is eradicated, you may be more successful. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way.

    I must say it’s a joy to read your post. There’s dignity in what you wrote. Wishing you all the best with your weight loss.


    • Thankyou ^_^

      I am doing fairly well in controlling my binges. The main triggers for a binge seems to be whether or not the food is available, and whether or not I am bored. Junkfood such as donuts, cookies, granola bars, chips, etc, does not come near me, because I know I will overconsume. Out of sight, out of mind.


      • Hmm. Seems that it’s due to habits and some habits are hard to break. Yes, not having junk food around you helps until your body and mind truly adapt to not eating them and not even craving them anymore.

        As for eating out of boredom, have you tried having another hobby as a substitute? Or if you’re doing something and your habit is to stick your hand into a pack of chips, find something else to occupy your hands with if you’re fidgety?

        I don’t mean to assume that you haven’t already tried the above or anything and maybe your friends have already given you advice and support. I thought perhaps I could reach out and lend a helping hand.

        I’m no expert, to be honest. There’s no scientific research to back me up. I’m from Singapore but lived in the US for a while. As a whole, asians still remain slim. So perhaps some of our habits may help you. Feel free to stop me if you think I’m overstepping boundaries, just please be nice about it, ok? : )


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